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Trebor Group AB is currently one of the largest specialist companies in the Nordic region for CitectSCADA. We have also developed a number of completely unique add-ons. The company was founded in 1995 and today we are 31 full-time employees. The head office is located in Uppsala and we have branches in Stockholm, Jönköping, Linköping and Växjö.

We work hard to bring young talent into the company. By working closely with schools and technical institutions.
Read more about our collaboration with teknikcollege here.

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The whole purpose of Trebor is to create an innovative, creative and stimulating environment for all employees, that creates added value for the team and for our customers. We challenge the market with our innovations and create great value for our customers.

Trebor consists of a mix of technologically interested, positive and driven employees, all of whom work with a common quality approach. We are open-minded and decision-making paths are short, which offers incredible opportunities to learn more, even in other technical areas.


Trebor Group AB is currently one of the largest specialist companies in the Nordic region for CitectSCADA.

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IT Management

Trebor supplies IT-services with focus on building automation as well as general IT-support and troubleshooting.

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Trebor Software AB develops user friendly applications and plugins for CitectSCADA.

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With supervision comes clarity.

We have developed and delivered SCADA-systems since 1996. We do everything from upgrading existing systems to creating complete total solutions, where we also address adjacent areas such as network architecture and hardware configuration. We are an innovative team and at the forefront of technology and SCADA development.

Our SCADA systems visualize and monitor hospitals, property holdings, ports, arenas and much more. We have integrated most types of existing systems, brands and protocols in CitectSCADA, where comunication support is missing we develop the drivers ourselves. We use both built-in development opportunities in CitectSCADA, as self-developed add-ons and features, all in order for the end users experience to be as visual and simple as possible.

In total, we have integrated over 3 million signals into SCADA!

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IT Management

Total control and traceability.

Trebor supplies IT-services with focus on building automation. We assist our customers with design and implementation of building networks. We supply and configure all included components, such as servers, firewalls, switches, wifi and so on.

We also assist our customers with the on-going management of their IT-environments with such services as patch management, backup management, changes and add-ons. We also provide general IT-support and troubleshooting.

Our IT-team have long and extensive experience from working with Microsoft-based IT-environments. We also have experience from several different vendors of network equipment.

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Everything begins with an idea.

Trebor Vector Graphics was one of our first unique add-on. It was created as a plugin for CitectSCADA and provides total traceability. We quickly realized that we could expand further to develop more features, improve user experience and reduce engineering time during development in CitectSCADA.

Over the past five years, we have developed a number of products that are either connected to CitectSCADA via API or completely standalone.

Our product Trebor Dali Visualizer (TDV) is our latest example. Our knowledge of working with complex SCADA systems and the end user has come together. We have developed a technically advanced yet user-friendly application. TDV commissioning results in a timesaving of up to 50% and enables facility management savings of up to 70%.

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