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Optimize your facilities

How about getting the job done
in half the time for less than half the cost?

We create graphic interfaces with structure and flexibility that give our customers all the information in one window - visually easy to overview. Many work steps are done automatically to minimize the time traditional development would require. Both development, management and future changes are made more efficient.

Our vision is to streamline the development of graphic systems while raising the quality. How about getting the job done in half the time for less than half the cost?

TDV hero


How many technicians does it take to change a luminaire? Until now - three. One to identify the problem, another to replace the luminaire and a third to program the system.

DALI Visualizer is a central graphic monitoring- and management system for DALI installations. With the help of floor plans all the components in the facility are visualized in an intuitive vectorized interface, which enables a facility management savings of up to 70%.

DALI Visualizer contains all of the current configurations which means no programming needs to take place on site. On site, all programming is downloaded to each gateway, followed by a traditional identification of all components.

TDV-screenshot TDV-screenshot

All validation documentation is created continuously in the system, which means that one can ensure function at the same time as reducing comissioning time by up to 50%.

With DALI Visualizer, the property manager can identify exactly which component is broken, replace it and then easily insert the updated information in the system. Manage routine maintenance without having to call a third party, electrician or specialist.

  • Trebor DALI Visualizer is a central lighting monitoring system
  • Creates total control and traceability over the DALI plant
  • Connects to DALI gateways via the real estates network or 4G
  • Auto generates all signals when commissioning the DALI system
  • No third-party programs are needed to program the DALI facility. Everything is in TDV
  • Creates an intuitive graphical interface. All DALI components are easily traceable
  • Visualization and monitoring via AutoCad-basedfloor plans
  • Geographical traceability via floor plans
  • Operating staff can easily replace a broken DALI component
  • Operators can easily add a new DALI component
  • Operational staff can easily change groups and scenarios
  • Operational staff can easily trace what triggers a luminaire or groups of luminaires
  • Monitors all signals such as events, dependencies, burning time and alarms
  • Users can manually activate groups, components, and scenarios
  • Contains a powerful analysis tool for tracking what triggers a luminaire or a group of luminaires
  • Built-in functionality for alarm transmission via SMS or email
  • Built-in History for logging all or selectable number of signals to MS SQL
  • Based on an open DALI standard and all signals from each DALI component will be monitored
Connected hero

above the rest

Cloud-based monitoring services are taken to a whole new level with Connected. Through Connected you get the opportunity to monitor your facility, villa, holiday home, boat or caravan. No matter where in the world it is located.

Connected Business –
The solution for property owners.

For a smaller plant, a full-scale SCADA/BMS system may not always be fully suitable. Then a web-based solution like Connected fits well, where you choose what you want to monitor and to what extent. Your HVAC provider sets up your own installations in Connected. Cost-effective compared to other cloud monitoring services. If problems occur in the facility, a notice is sent via SMS or e-mail to alert your operating staff about it.

Connected Home –
The solution for private persons.

As a private person, it is always nice to know that everything is as it should with your property. Whether it be your holiday cabin or your permanent home, you can remotely activate heating, monitor its condition or even have food delivered from your service partner. Think of the convenience and security. If any problem occurs in any of the connected properties, an e-mail or SMS is sent to alert you or your service partner about the problem.

  • Creates total control and monitoring of your facility
  • Cloud based and works worldwide
  • Additional services as needed (provided by your supplier)
  • Together with your supplier, you choose what you want monitored
  • Alarms are sent out via SMS or mail
  • Visualization and monitoring via map support and dialogs
  • Geographical traceability via maps
  • Monitors all signals added to Connected
  • Authorization - Add users to multiple levels
  • Possibility to order services as a private person (household-related services)
  • Opportunity to order services as a property owner (projectors, surveyors etc)
  • All communication is encrypted
  • You own your data
VectorGraphics hero

into the tiniest detail

Rihanna one day, football match the other. Bandy the third. At Friends Arena, temperature changes, lighting and the need for closed or open roof with just a few hours apart.

Vector Graphics creates the instant overview that conventional SCADA systems lack, visually and intuitively! Vector Graphics is a graphical interface where all objects in the system are shown on floor plans. All objects, alarms and systems become geographically searchable via a built-in search engine.

At Friends Arena, the operation technicians use the tool daily to easily view and manage their facility. All approximately 66 000 signals are geographically represented, which means that alarming points are reported with exact location. At events, Vector Graphics is an indispensable support for quickly deciding where and when any efforts need to be made.

vg-screenshot-1 vg-screenshot-2

With Vector Graphics total traceability is created in your SCADA system. Operating technicians gets an essential overview via vectorized graphics, which significantly simplifies the operation of the plant. This in turn saves both time and money from a management perspective. A great strength lies in the fact that it is easy to replace drawing files as the system changes, architectural drawings in DWG format are reused straight away!

Today, Trebor Vector Graphics is a frequently used add-on in many of our projects. It’s represented in both arenas and hospitals and in large real estate holdings, where the built-in map support is also a great help for both operating staff and managers.

  • AutoCad drawings are visualized in the SCADA system
  • No image import! Imported file appears in SCADA with the same scalability as in AutoCad.
  • The vectorized graphic retains its resolution regardless of the zoom level
  • Show values and animate surfaces or objects directly on your AutoCad drawings
  • All objects and systems can be searched through our built-in search engine. Found object is zoomed in on drawing
  • Support for localization of alarms
  • AutoCad drawings are also displayed as fully animated miniatures for the best overview
  • Symbol library for AutoCad included (plumbing, electric power and security)
  • Create custom icons for display and animation
  • Symbols are dynamic and change after the signal amount
  • When inserting a symbol, only object names and symbol text are required
  • Freely programmable plant views, for example, display of lighting only
  • Full integration between Citect SCADA and Trebor Vector Graphics
  • Easy to replace drawing files as they change
  • Trebor Vector Graphics can be used with Trebor Dynamics
  • Rights and permissions are controlled by logged in user in SCADA
  • Drawings and symbols can be individually controlled
  • Built-in chart support (OpenStreetMaps)
  • Intuitive menu system
Dynamics hero

Half the time 
is the whole future

Online around-the-clock situations that are vital. Hospitals in Sweden need to be certain that everything works as it should!

As part of ongoing renovations at some of Sweden’s largest hospitals, the monitoring system (SCADA) has also undergone a complete renovation. Common to these systems is that they were previously built up by several different suppliers’ solutions and widely different graphic designs. Instead, Dynamics creates equal development and graphic appearance, regardless of the entrepreneur. Trebor Dynamics automatically generates and standardizes real-time dialog window, and contains graphic libraries for central real estate monitoring.

dynamics-screenshot dynamics-screenshot

Trebor Dynamics streamlines and standardizes ongoing integration into SCADA. It provides the user with a simple and intuitive interface with access to settings, alarm information and more. All information about an object is collected in one place!

Sweden’s hospital is just one example where Trebor Dynamics helps the plant owner and the operating staff. The product is installed on a number of installations of widely different types.

Users can also access and control the systems from various local operator panels (HMI) that are deployed in the property stock. To achieve an equivalent graphic solution and methodology, Dynamics is also used in the local screens.

Development with Dynamics thus takes half the time and the system looks the same regardless of where you log in.

  • Auto-generate pop-ups at object level based on the SCADA / HMI system’s signal amount
  • Trebor Dynamics eliminates the use of system pages
  • Create custom icons for display and animation
  • Autogenerated tab control (available eg object alarms, these are displayed under alarm tab)
  • Advanced object information
  • All signal information for the object is displayed
  • Ability to write to signals
  • Operator level at object level
  • Free number of free programmable buttons and functions
  • Genie / component library for plumbing, electric power and security included
  • Object level alarm indication function
  • Advanced tool for handling and displaying curves
  • Possibility of animated symbols in popups
  • Symbols are dynamic and change after the signal amount
  • When inserting genies / components, only object names and symbol text need to be entered
  • Free text
  • Linking to other object information
  • Rights and permissions are controlled by logged in user in SCADA / HMI
  • Pop-ups can be controlled individually
KNX hero

Move walls 
with the push of a button

In office premises at Mäster Samuelsgatan, one hardly needs to lift a finger to remodel. One room can be two, three, four and vice versa.

With KNX Visualizer, the operating staff can easily take control over cooling, heating, lighting and sun protection. Each room has technical components that can be connected to any room, and in an unlimited number.

It is a simple and intuitive way to reprogram the facility and optimal for both energy saving, follow-up and management.

knx-screenshot knx-screenshot

The operating staff will never need to contact a KNX company again to change their facility, because this is done with a few clicks on the computer screen. Now you can ensure that all KNX installations work as they should while lowering your development and validation costs of up to 50%.

  • Graphic visualization of a KNX plant
  • Vector-based graphics
  • Automatic colour coding of KNX functionality
  • Intuitive programming of the KNX system
  • Traceability of changes
  • Change log with infinite “undo functionality”
  • Function for incremental change of ETS databases
  • Built-in error checking of ETS database
  • Filter functions for different views of, for example, heating and cooling
  • Integrated rights system with connection to AD
Fire Visualizer hero

Take control 
where it is needed

With Fire Visualizer you get total control and supervision of your fire alarm system regardless of make. If an alarm occurs on any component, you can easily trace it geographically via a mouse click.

Today, as a facility owner, you are often locked to a supplier of fire alarm systems since the central systems are factory-bound.

With Fire Visualizer this restriction is put aside and the monitoring becomes completely independent of the manufacturer. Fire Visualizer connects fire alarm systems of different brands to Citect SCADA for monitoring.

Functionality is also available for timing sections and individual detectors. What is canceled is reported in an easy way for the operator. There is also built-in control in the system to make sure timing is correct.

  • Creates total monitoring and control over your facility via floor plans
  • A graphical interface regardless of the underlying fire alarm manufacturer.
  • Full functionality against underlying systems
  • Vector graphics via floor plans in AutoCad format
  • Time functions for cancellation (between times, weekly schedule etc.)
  • Smart function for changing alarm classes during service intervals
  • Alarms are sent out via SMS or mail
  • Links to SCADA and BMS systems
  • Full support for redundancy
  • Authorization - add users to multiple levels
Security Visualizer hero

One key to 
all access

Today, technical addresses on card readers are used to set up access groups. This is time consuming and difficult work. Why not think geographically?

Create access by clicking on a room on one floor plan, without worrying about how many card readers it has or if it is RCO, Stanley, ASSA or any other brand on your access system.

Security Visualizer creates a common graphical interface for groups, people and cards regardless of the current passage system. Through multi-readers Security Visualizer ensures that the right information ends up in the right place in all the underlying systems, without that the user needing to devote any thought to the system type.

You also get total control and supervision of your facility regardless of the manufacturer. If an alarm occurs on any component, you can track it geographically through a mouse click.

  • Creates total monitoring and control of passage systems via floor plans
  • A graphical interface regardless of the number of underlying passage systems
  • Full functionality against underlying systems (groups, people, cards and time controls)
  • Vector graphics via floor plans in AutoCad format
  • Alarms are sent out via SMS or mail
  • Links to SCADA and BMS systems
  • Support for multi-reader (reads all sectors, chip and magnetic strip) as well as programming
  • Programming cards (loading, programming, printing and photography)
  • Authorization - Add users to multiple levels
  • All communication against the passenger system is encrypted
TMS hero

The road to a 
simpler flow

Traffic management within a port area can be complex and labor intensive.
Traffic Management System automates all traffic flows based on the shipping companies booking information in a simple interface.

Via ANPR portals, TMS keeps track of all vehicles and only releases authorized vehicles in the port area. Once inside the harbor area, TMS will route all vehicles to the right lane on the buffer surface and then to the right quay.

tms-screenshot tms-screenshot

There is also a scenario manager in the system that fully automates the traffic flow from vehicle entry until exiting the port area.

TMS also has functions for managing trailer traffic via signal exchange with TOS.

  • Vectorized graphics (area drawings)
  • Client / server architecture
  • GATE clients
  • Forwarding client (container handling)
  • Mobile clients for entry control
  • Hand-held clients for checking signs and bars
  • Monitoring of all connected systems
  • Reception of shipping company booking information
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Alarms via SMS or mail
  • Logging of all events
  • Advanced time management for departures (entry, sign control)
  • Advanced lane allocation depending on booking information
  • Notification via SMS to the driver if the wrong trailer has been picked up
Historian hero

meets the future

Today, the conscientious property owner wants a smart yet cost-effective way to save large amounts of real-time data for further analysis. Historian is the tool that stands out in the market by being a user-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Historian is based on the same powerful functionality as Trebor Dynamics - object orientation.

This means that it is easy to set up and you no longer need to worry about additional settings as your facilities are growing. Connect more facilities by expanding the number of agents, while Historian automatically logs all additional signals. Visualize and analyze your data with cost-effective follow-up packages, tailored to your needs.

  • License includes logging of unlimited data points to MS SQL
  • Agent / server architecture
  • Logging from multiple plant parts only needs one MS SQL connection (CAL)
  • Based on object orientation
  • Monitoring that logging works correctly
  • Data quality monitoring
  • Additional components are logged automatically, which minimizes the risk of data logging being missed when the plant is growing

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